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MoonStocks Works Better Than I Thought

While staring at MoonStocks today, I noticed that my algorithm to convert the dominant frequency of a stock’s song into the price of that stock was working better than I thought. It is hard to see that this process generates predictable patterns because the stock prices are updating every 100 ms but have variance associated with each individual conversion of dominant frequency measurement to price.  Over some number of iterations of a song -> price-series conversion, every point in time will have a price that is converged upon.

Musical Complexity Bloat

Once again, I’ve gone from an undermixed arrangement…
…to an overmixed arrangement…
…saving nothing intermittently along the way. If I were to try to clean things up, I would probably begin by clearing the entire mixer of all effects, and the subsequent process of remixing would take hours.

I really should use version control in my production.


In software engineering, the advantage of keeping your software modular is well-understood.  Treating individual classes or even entire projects as reusable components instead of context-sensitive, isolated systems allows you to build off of them easily in the future.  In my efforts to understand the overlap between electronic music production and software design, I have tried to think in similar terms, to little success.  I’m currently making efforts at collaborative production with a friend who uses Ableton (I use FL Studio).  Instead of a granular approach of sending him a collection of MIDI files, perhaps somehow associated with the samples and VSTs with which they are instrumented, I simply exported them to mp3.  We are both of the view that songs are all essentially vectors to be operated upon, and to take this a step further, a mixer track can be viewed as a vector of operators, each with friendly UIs.  In this view, an mp3 is not inferior by virtue of its lossy compression, it has just been scaled down, which can be accommodated by powerful EQing and multiband compression.

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