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Soylent Journal: Hiatus

I received my box of supplies from Amazon.  Whey protein, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, maltodextrin, iron, fiber gummies, multivitamins; it was like eight days of Hanukkah all at once.  I looked up the recipe and got to work mixing up a batch.

I didn’t realize that the author had made errata since his first post on the forums.  For example, his recommended dosage of fiber gummies was 8 per day.  That’s 4x the daily dosage listed on the back of the container.  I overdosed on fiber because I followed the misinformation of someone on the internet.

To protect me from my own lack of common sense, I’m quitting Soylent until the Kickstarter launches and FDA-acceptable batches are being shipped.  I simply don’t do the necessary homework to make my own.  I will still drink protein shakes from the whey and maltodextrin, because those are of fairly uncontested nutritional value.  But I’m done measuring teaspoons of pure calcium and sulfur and hoping I don’t screw up.

Guess it’s back to cooking swamp stew.

swamp stew

Soylent Journal: Two Days In

Yesterday I started drinking soylent.

The recipe hasn’t been completely aligned with what Rob Rhinehart wrote about.  I’m using the crude measurements my younger brother wrote on a sheet of paper inside his box of ingredients.  He has been drinking Soylent for several months.

Today’s breakfast was a cup of Soylent, some coffee, and a lot of water.  Then I went to the gym with a bottle containing some powdered Soylent and consumed it throughout the workout.  It was a similar experience to working out with a bottle of just protein powder, but the taste is unique and makes me look forward to taking a swig more than the typical temptation of “Vanilla Ice Cream” flavored whey.

I’m treating Soylent as a supplement to several light meals.  I drink the daily dosage at a dilute concentration so I feel full and hydrated throughout the day. I can’t eat 21 good meals a week, but I can probably manage 10-15.  Eating half of my meals conventionally hedges against making a mistake in the recipe.  Accurate preparation takes practice, and if I make and consume a full day’s worth of erroneously measured Soylent, I could overdose.

By the time my shipment arrives in the mail, I should be ready to switch to 100% Soylent.